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What is ARC?

ARC by SourceFuse is an open source rapid application development framework for development of modern cloud native enterprise applications that leverages a catalog of prebuilt microservices and deployed as per standardized reference architecture on both private and public clouds.

The ARC Stack

ARC is a comprehensive development framework consisting of four key branches: Infrastructure as Code (IaC), API (Backend), UI (Frontend) and SaaS (Software as a Service). Each branch plays a crucial role in building modern, cloud-native applications with ease and efficiency.

1. Infrastructure

The IaC branch of ARC focuses on managing and provisioning the underlying infrastructure needed to deploy your applications. With reusable Terraform modules, you can define your infrastructure requirements and deploy them consistently across both private and public clouds. This branch ensures the scalability, resilience, and security of your application's foundation.

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2. Backend

The API branch of ARC provides a collection of reusable microservices and components that power the backend functionality of your applications. These microservices, such as authentication, payment, and audit logs, are designed to reduce development time and enhance productivity. Built on the robust LoopBack framework, ARC API enables rapid application development and seamless integration of pre-built services.

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3. Frontend

The UI branch of ARC offers preconfigured boilerplates and components for building modern and responsive user interfaces. Whether you prefer Angular or React, ARC UI provides a solid foundation to kickstart frontend development. With reusable components like search, navigation, and form elements, developers can accelerate UI development and deliver engaging user experiences.

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4. SaaS

The SaaS branch of ARC offers a cutting-edge control plane, meticulously designed to simplify tenant onboarding, tenant subscription management and tenant provisioning based upon isolation levels, vis-a-vis, Silo, Pooled and Bridge. It also comes up with a configurable SaaS license tiers and plans, along with a streamlined billing processes. From seamless tenant management to robust monitoring and analytics, fortified security and compliance measures, and versatile API management.

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By leveraging the ARC Stack, developers can focus on building innovative features and business logic without the overhead of repetitive and time-consuming tasks. With a standardized reference architecture and a rich ecosystem of reusable components, ARC empowers developers to build cloud-native enterprise applications with speed, efficiency, and scalability.

Choose ARC as your development framework and unlock the potential for rapid application development, seamless integration, and unparalleled productivity.